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  1. The good old boston days. Beers and Butts is all I need.

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  2. The homie @diegbro looking dapper. Thanks for coming in! #stonecoldbarber #chicagobarber #barberlife


  3. aupaysnatal:

    Sneaky preview #2 from my shoot with the brilliant @christiandeoliveira we’ll doing a bunch of projects together, looking for models. Non SG.


  4. mizzjade:


    at Pawleys Island Beach

    I miss the ocean.


  5. Me rn



  7. fuckyeah1990s:

    Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain on their wedding day, 1992.

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  8. cookiexslut:

    The best Halloween movie ever made. I can’t wait for October.

    This movie will forever make me homesick. Can’t wait to be in Salem soon!

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  9. I see my fucking future…

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